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Rules & Regulations

While Waterton National Park offers a huge range of recreational opportunities, it can't be everything to everybody. Some activities are not compatible with the purpose of national parks, or may intrude on the experiences most people seek in national parks. Others have been prohibited because they are too hazardous. Read More

The following are some activities that have been prohibited in Waterton National Park:
1. Collection or removal of any natural (for example, wildflowers, driftwood, berries) or cultural objects (such as, arrowheads).
2. Hunting - while firearms may be transported in a national park, they must be unloaded and encased, and may not be removed from the vehicle.
3. Snowmobiling.
4. Paragliding, parachuting, hang gliding or any heavier-than-air aircraft.
5. Use of personal watercraft like wave runners, jet skis, or super jets.

Leave No Trace
Visitors who are planning to travel in the backcountry are encouraged to practice "Leave No Trace" skills and ethics. "Leave No Trace" is a national program that promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation and stewardship of public lands. The program depends more on attitude and awareness than on rules and regulations. The time you spend in the backcountry can be safer and more rewarding if you strive to "Leave No Trace" of your visit on the resources, or on the experiences of other visitors.

Some of the principles and practices include the following:
Know and respect park regulations and the inherent risks of backcountry travel.
Stay on maintained trails whenever possible.
Walk single file in the middle of the trail, even when muddy.
Pack out all garbage; never leave or bury food or garbage.
Do not make alterations to campsites or natural features.
Restrict fires to designated fire pits only.
Enjoy wildlife at a distance; never feed, disturb or intentionally approach wildlife.