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Throughout the year at Waterton National Park, you can enjoy numerous activities and programs, including guided nature walks, boat tours, cross-country skiing, and snow shoeing. There are also activities and programs specifically for kids. Read More

Free evening talks, slide shows, and guided nature walks are among the many park programs that will satisfy your curiosity about Waterton National Park's natural wonders. Programs are designed to enlighten you about everything from why ferocious looking grizzlies eat dandelions to why ancient ocean fossils are found on top of the tallest mountain peaks.

Major park campgrounds offer free evening campfire talks. Park ranger naturalists also visit the main hotels for evening talks, often with slide shows or movie presentations.

The International Peace Park Hike is an event that spans both Glacier and Waterton parks. Led by a U.S. park ranger and a Canadian park interpreter, the hike begins in Waterton, stops near the International Boundary for lunch, and goes on to Goat Haunt Ranger Station. A boat cruise brings the group back to Waterton on the half-day trip.

Field Seminars: Glacier Institute and Waterton Natural History Association offer afternoon to multi-day classes on topics such as art, history, geology, and natural science.

Backpacking: Guided backpacking tours of the parks can be arranged from mid-May through to September, and gear rentals are available.

Jammer Buses: Let someone else do the driving while you view the sights in style on "jammer" buses. These vintage motor coaches, built from 1936 to 1939, are bright red 15-passenger coaches that have rollback canvas tops, which allow sweeping views. The coaches make plenty of stops for taking pictures and roadside investigations. The drivers, or "jammers," are knowledgeable about park lore and the natural wonders of the routes they travel. Their nickname comes from the days when the coaches did not have automatic transmissions, so drivers tended to grind and jam the gears as they traveled up and down the mountains.

Hiking: Waterton National Park boasts world class hiking with incredible scenery and many opportunities to view wildlife. Venture out on your own, or hire an interpretive nature guide for an unforgettable time. There are 255 km (191 miles) of trails in Waterton National Park, and they range in difficulty from short strolls to steep treks of several days duration.