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Cameron Falls

Be sure to enjoy a peaceful moment at beautiful Cameron Falls, located in the west side of Waterton Townsite, before partaking in nearby activities including boating, hiking, camping, shopping and sight-seeing.

  • Easily accessible, Cameron Falls is conveniently located on the west side of Waterton Townsite.
  • Formed by Cameron Creek, this natural site offers visitors a serene place to relax and enjoy ancient Precambrian geological rock formations, including stromatolites.
  • Nearby activities include boating, water-skiing, hiking, camping, shopping, dining, sight-seeing and more.


Cameron Creek’s waters cascade over ancient Precambrian rock, forming the site known as Cameron Falls. Conveniently located in the west side of Waterton Townsite, this popular attraction is a great place to relax and snap a photo before heading further into the wilds of Waterton Park.


Located on the west side of Waterton Townsite, just off Cameron Falls Drive. With a parking area provided, experience this lovely natural site or incorporate it into a walking tour of Waterton Townsite.


The best time to visit Cameron Falls is during July and August, when Waterton Park Townsite and other nearby park services and facilities are open to serve you.


Shopping/Dining: Purchase a souvenir or dine in one of Waterton Townsite’s gift shops or restaurants. Hotel accommodations also available.

Camping: Pitch a tent in Waterton Townsite Campground, close to water-based activities and amenties.

  • Location: Off Vimy and Waterton avenues
  • Sites: 238
  • Season: Early May – Late September
  • Reservations: 1-877-737-3783
  • Nightly Fees: $22.50 - $38.20
  • Showers/Flush Toilets

Boating: Rent a canoe, rowboat, paddle boat, or kayak and explore the waters of Cameron Lake, located at the end of Akamina Parkway, or enjoy an afternoon of water-skiing on Upper Waterton Lake.

  • No motor boats allowed on Cameron Lake.
  • Upper Waterton Lake boat launch located in Waterton Townsite.
  • Wet suits recommended for water skiers – very cold water!

Hiking: After visiting Cameron Falls, take a stroll down Townsite Loop Trail as it follows Upper Waterton Lake’s spectacular shoreline.

  • Trail: Townsite Trail (loop)
  • Distance: 3.2 km (1.98 miles)
  • Difficulty: Easy

Additional Information

Fossilized blue-green algae mats, known as stromatolites, can often be spotted in the rock formations near Cameron Falls.