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A rare gem tucked into the southwestern corner of the province of Alberta, Canada, Waterton National Park is the quiet, uncrowded national park. It is the perfect place to view spectacular scenery and wildlife. Discover nature at its best year round. Read More

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
Waterton National Park of Canada
Box 50
Waterton Park, AB
Canada T0K 2M0
Telephone: (403) 859-2224
Fax: (403) 859-2650
E-mail: waterton.info@pc.gc.ca

Waterton National Park borders Glacier National Park in Montana to the south; together they make up the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the first of its kind in the world.

A place like no other, the uniqueness of Waterton Park is a blend of unusual geology, mild climate, rare wild flowers, and an abundance of wildlife. It is a scene which has remained unchanged for centuries.

The park offers outstanding recreational opportunities. Back packing, hiking or camping can be an incredible experience in Waterton National Park. There's world class hiking with breathtaking vistas and many opportunities to see wildlife. Venture out on your own, or hire an interpretive nature guide for an unforgettable time. There are 255 km (191 miles) of trails in Waterton National Park, and they range in difficulty from short strolls to steep treks of several days duration.

In addition, there's Cameron Falls, located right in the townsite of Waterton Village. This serene cascade is well lit at night for viewers enjoying a peaceful evening stroll. Cameron Falls are also the site of the oldest rock in the entire Canadian Rocky Mountain range! Precambrian bedrock dating 1.5 billion years (1,500 million years) old has become exposed and is visible near the falls. This is one of many examples of Waterton National Park's amazing geology.

So, contact Waterton National Park of Canada today, and take advantage of the superb opportunities for solitude, personal and physical challenge, freedom, and adventure.