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Red Rock Parkway

Red Rock Parkway showcases some of Waterton’s finest landscapes, featuring ten miles of rolling grasslands, mountain peaks, and abundant wildlife, located just 45 miles north of Glacier National Park.

  • Red Rock Parkway guides visitors through Blakiston Valley for ten spectacular miles, amidst prairies, rivers, mountains and wildlife habitat.
  • Located approximately 45 miles northwest of Glacier’s St. Mary region.
  • The parkway begins near Townsite and terminates at Red Rock Canyon, featuring splendid landscapes, trails and wildlife including black bears. 


Red Rock Parkway is a primary example of the phrase, “where the prairie meets the mountains,” used to describe Waterton Park. This gorgeous ten mile stretch of roadway leads travelers into Blakiston Valley, filled with rolling hills, creeks, grasslands, mountains, and a range of wildlife. Black bears are often spotted here, elk and deer herds roam the valley floor, and wildflowers color the landscape in June. With trail access along the way, and Red Rock Canyon at the end, a drive down this parkway should be a Waterton "to do" priority.

Driving Directions

From Glacier's eastern entrance, near St. Mary, drive 13 miles north on US89 before turning left onto MT-17/Chief Mountain International Highway. Continue 29 miles northwest, crossing the Canadian border (road becomes Provincial Route 6) until you reach the Provincial Route 5 intersection. Turn left and head southwest, entering Waterton Park. Red Rock Parkway begins just 8 km (5 miles) from the park entrance, and extends through the Blakiston Valley in a northwesterly direction.

* Note: Red Rock Parkway is open from the first weekend in May until October 31.


Red Rock Parkway is 15 kilometers (approximately 10 miles) long. Driving time is generally 45 minutes due to narrow road conditions in certain places, as well as possible wildlife crossings. Be sure to drive slowly and carefully. Several pull-outs are along the way for photo opportunities.


Trail Access: Hikers can take advantage of several trailheads along the Parkway. Featured hikes include:

  • Snowshoe Trail
    Trailhead: Red Rock Canyon (end of Red Rock Parkway)
    Total Distance: 16.4 km (10 miles)
    Total Time: 5 hrs
    Ascent: 150 meters (492 ft)
    Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
  • Crandell Lake Trail
    Trailhead: Crandell Lake Campground (just off Red Rock Parkway)
    Total Distance: 4 km (2.4 miles)
    Total Time: 1.5 hrs
    Ascent: 150 meters (492 ft)
    Difficulty: Moderate

Wildlife: Red Rock Parkway traverses Blakiston Valley, one of the best areas to view wildlife within Waterton. Species found in this area include:

  • Elk
  • Deer (mule and white-tail)
  • Black Bears
  • Big Horn Sheep

Red Rock Canyon: Red Rock Parkways’s terminating point, the canyon offers a spectrum of bedrock colors, vibrant vegetation, panoramic views, and trailheads. Picnic here, take a photograph, or head into Waterton’s interior.