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Aside from the thousands of sites, species of wildlife and miles of trails in Glacier National Park, there are countless attractions around Glacier such as Flathead Lake and Whitefish Ski Area.

The Glacier National Park region not only provides over one million acres within the national park itself, but in the surrounding area there are numerous attractions that can make a trip to Glacier more than just a visit to one national park. With the varied terrain, you’ll find a multitude of activities and attractions, such as hiking, camping, big game hunting, fly-fishing and all sorts of winter recreation.

National Parks, Forests and Wilderness Areas

Glacier National Park
This park is a real national treasure, giving visitors many incredible sights and a geology lesson about our prehistoric era. There is a million acres of forests, lakes, meadows and glacier-formed landscapes.

Waterton National Park
Witness how the rugged mountains rise abruptly out of the prairie grassland and see where the landscape is shaped by fire, wind and flooding.

Lolo National Forest
Northeast of Missoula, Montana and stretching towards Glacier National Park is the beautiful Lolo National Forest, with four major rivers making outdoor water recreation a real pleasure.

Flathead National Forest
To the south of Glacier is the wilderness area of Flathead National Forest. It’s 2.3 million acres of the spectacular sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

Lewis and Clark National Forest
Explore the dramatic mountains and rolling plains within this historic national forest. With its 7 mountain ranges, visitors discover some unique opportunities for all their favorite outdoor fun.

Bob Marshall Wilderness
The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area is rugged unspoiled wilderness that gives one the feel of our land as it used to be. Many come here for the solitude and beauty and to take some time out from a busy and hectic life in the “real world.”

Great Bear Wilderness
This wilderness area is located within Flathead National Forest, just south of Glacier. It has a varying elevation of 4,000 feet (along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River) to 8,705 feet (on top of the Great Northern Mountain).

National Bison Range
This range exists to protect one of the few remaining herds of American Bison. There are about 400 buffalo that roam the expanse of almost 19,000 acres.

Marias Pass
Marias Pass divides Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest. Climbing through the Rocky Mountains and containing unparalleled scenery, it’s a must-see on any visit to the region.

Mission Mountains
The Mission Mountains Wilderness is in the Flathead National Forest, with the McDonald Peak reaching a height of 9,820 feet. You’ll love seeing the snow-capped peaks, discovering lovely alpine lakes and photographing the gorgeous mountain meadows.

Lakes, Rivers and Reservoirs

Flathead Lake
Formed originally by a glacier, Flathead Lake is 28 miles long and 15 miles wide. It’s the largest freshwater lake in the western United States.

Whitefish Lake
One of the most popular lakes in Montana, Whitefish Lake has excellent boat access and is a great place for some shore fishing.

Kootenai River
Here you’ll find some bull, rainbow and cutthroat trout, and may even catch a trophy Kokanee salmon.

Flathead River
This river gives wonderful opportunities for floating, fishing and even whitewater rafting at the South Fork.

Milk River
Flowing 700 miles, the Milk River boasts areas that are dedicated to protecting wildlife. Some parts are excellent hunting area, with visitors finding plenty of waterfowl, upland birds and deer.

Hungry Horse Reservoir
Driving from the town of Hungry Horse, you’ll experience a scenic route with Hungry Horse Dam at the end of your trip. The reservoir formed by the dam is a great spot for a picnic or just relaxing to enjoy the sun reflecting off the water.

Thompson Chain of Lakes
You can camp, fish or watch the wildlife around the Thompson Chain of Lakes. With 20 miles dotted with numerous lakes, you’ll find the perfect place to enjoy some time away from it all.


Whitefish Mountain Skiing
There are a few ski areas near Glacier National Park and skiing the Big Mountain Ski Area offers some breathtaking views of the park. You’ll find trails for any level of skier.

Nature and Wildlife
If you love watching the wildlife and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, there’s no better place than the Glacier area. You’ll find wolves, elk, moose and much more. If you like to identify wildflowers, you can note the lovely Oregon grapes, calypso orchids, rocky mountain lilies and so many other colorful flowers.


The Conrad Mansion Museum
The Conrad Mansion, in Kalispell, Montana, offers beautiful landscaped acres with colorful flowerbeds, evergreens and spacious lawns, as well as a mansion with unique glass windows.

Museum of The Plains Indian
Here you will see a collection of arts created by tribes of the Northern Plains, including fascinating multimedia presentations.

Flathead Indian Museum
Located in Saint Ignatius, Montana, this museum offers a number of Native American crafts and a wildlife exhibit.

Miracle of America Museum
Here is a wide range of displays, everything from antiques to men walking on the moon. This museum has been called the “Smithsonian of the West.”

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Other Area Attractions Resources

Hockaday Museum of Art

The Hockaday Museum of Art has an extensive art collection in Kalispell.

Polson-Flathead Historical Museum

Visit the Polson Flathead Historical Museum for a complete historical take on the area.

Stumptown Art Studio and Ceramics Annex

Stumptown Art Studio and Ceramics Annex is community art center in Whitefish.