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Milk River

The Milk River rises gently out of the Rocky Mountains of Montana, winding its way to Canada and back into Montana.

  • Montana’s Milk River gives water lovers a float trip of a lifetime
  • One of the Missouri River’s longest tributaries
  • Floating on the Milk River provides plenty of wildlife watching
  • See waterfowl, upland birds, deer and other small mammals
  • Catch some catfish, sturgeon or whitefish on the Milk River


The Montana Milk River flows 700 miles and is one of the Missouri River’s longest tributaries. It begins its journey on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation near Browning, Montana and flows north and heads into Canada and returns to Montana more than 160 miles later.


Access to the Milk River near Glacier National Park is entirely within the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The Milk River begins at Browning, Montana, at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Milk River. You can float the river starting right at its origin all the way to the Canadian Border. For more information you can contact Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks at 406-228-3700.


The Milk River, MT is accessible all year.


  • Float Trips
    A favorite activity of those who visit the Milk River, Montana, floating is a unique experience. Many like the long-distance floating that this river provides. It is Class I water its entire length, making it perfect for beginners during its low flowing periods. Scenic opportunities are many and the wildlife is abundant.
  • Wildlife Watching
    A host of wildlife is available along the shores of the Milk. Waterfowl, upland birds, deer and other small mammals are frequently seen. If you like to see shorebirds and raptors, the Milk River is the place to come.
  • Fishing
    Try below the various dams for the best fishing. Although the Milk River isn’t renowned for trout fishing, you will find small rainbow, brown and brook trout. You will find smallmouth bass, catfish, sturgeon and whitefish. Probably the best place for anglers to head is where tributaries enter the river. Fishing Permit Information: The majority of the Milk River, east of Glacier National Park, runs through the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Access to the river on the Blackfeet Reservation requires a special permit. Non-tribal members over 13 years old must possess one of the following valid permits: $10 Day Pass; $25 3-Day Pass; $75 Season Pass. Unless otherwise posted, fishing can be enjoyed from the 3rd Saturday in May through November 30th. If you plan to fish the Milk River outside of the Blackfeet Reservation, you'll need a Montana Fishing License (more info).


Captain Meriweather Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition named this river because of its milky color. He stated in his journal that it looked like the color of tea with a teaspoon of milk.