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Two Medicine Lakes

Named after two Native American ceremonial lodges that once existed in the area, Two Medicine Lakes (upper and lower) are beautiful lakes located in the southeast corner of Glacier National Park. Because they are less traveled than Lake McDonald and St. Mary Lake, Two Medicine Lakes make a quiet getaway for those who love water sports. Excellent boating, fishing, hiking, and camping are all in abundance here.


Although motorboats are allowed on Two Medicine Lakes, most of the recreational boat traffic is from canoes or sightseeing tours. However, the overall boating pressure on the lakes is light compared to St. Mary Lake and Lake McDonald. A boat launching ramp is available for those who do not want to hand carry their vessel into the water. If you did not bring your own boat or canoe, rentals are available. All boat passengers must wear a personal flotation device.


Not many people actually fish Two Medicine Lakes. However, Two Medicine Lakes provide excellent fishing for brook trout and rainbow trout. The brook trout average 10-12 inches and are ready to bite at most dry flies that are cast in a decent manner. Keep in mind that Two Medicine Lakes lie on the eastern side of the Continental Divide, which means that it can get pretty windy. If you should get blown off the lake, you might want to try nearby Pray Lake which is smaller and more protected from the wind. The best fishing is June through July.

Fishing Permits: Lower Two Medicine Lake lies partially within the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Access to this portion of the lake requires a special permit. Non-tribal members over 13 years old must possess one of the following valid permits: $10 Day Pass; $25 3-Day Pass; $75 Season Pass. Unless otherwise posted, fishing can be enjoyed year-round. If you plan to fish the lakes outside of the Blackfeet Reservation, you'll need a Montana Fishing License (more info).


There are many trails that start at Two Medicine Lakes. You can access the Dawson-Pitamakin Loop Trail, The Two Medicine Loop Trail, and the Cobalt Lake Trail. Boat tours also shuttle hikers across the lakes who want to access the interior of the park. Two Medicine Valley is formed by the meeting of several drainages which make for excellent hiking trails as well.


Two Medicine Campground is located right at the base of the lake. Because it is not located off the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and is 12 miles north of US Highway 2, Two Medicine Campground is rather secluded and off the beaten path. Every night a park naturalist visits the Two Medicine Campfire Circle and gives a talk on various subjects.