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Snaking their way through northwest Montana’s verdant wonderland, Glacier National Park hiking trails cover more than 700 miles of breathtaking terrain and are a primary attraction for Glacier Park visitors.

Covering eye-popping landscapes, providing the opportunity to encounter diverse species of wildlife and wildflowers, and the thrill of fording alpine streams, it’s no wonder 1 in 2 park visitors report having “taken a hike” on one of many gorgeous Glacier Park hiking trails.

With more than 700 miles to explore, lace up your boots and follow these general Glacier National Park trail guidelines:

  • Weather - Changeable! Pack extra clothing.
  • Trail Conditions - Due to high elevations and cold winters, snow-melt often stretches into mid-summer; Glacier Park trail accessibility may be limited early season.
  • Bears - Glacier is primary grizzly habitat. Carry bear spray and be bear aware.
  • Sustenance - Carry enough food and water/water filters to support your hike.
  • Low Impact -Stay on designated trails. No littering!
  • Pets -No pets allowed on Glacier hiking trails.

Popular trails through Glacier Park: 

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