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Two Medicine

The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park features some wonderful hikes with views of stunning waterfalls like Running Eagle Falls (Trick Falls) as well as easy access to Two Medicine Lake.

  • Running Eagle Falls Trail is an easy, half-mile mile hike starting at Running Eagle Falls Trailhead. 
  • Appistoki Falls Trail is 1.2 miles roundtrip, starting just east of the Two Medicine Ranger Station. 
  • Aster Park Trail gains 670 feet in elevation but is still a relatively easy, 4-mile roundtrip hike featuring views of Two Medicine Lake, Never Laughs Mountain, Mount Ellsworth and Mount Henry.


The Two Medicine area, on Glacier National Park’s east side, features some great waterfall viewing opportunities as well as one of the Park’s registered National Historic Landmarks, the Two Medicine Campstore.

Running Eagle Falls
Trail Overview: Also called Trick Falls because it can feature two major waterfalls when water is running high, Running Eagle Falls can be accessed at the Running Eagle Falls Trailhead and is a short, fairly easy hike suitable for families.
Trailhead: Park about a mile west from the Two Medicine entrance of the Park and begin hiking 

  • Slightly more than a half mile, roundtrip 
  • Easy, with minimal elevation gain

Appistoki Falls
Trail Overview: This Two Medicine area hike to the inspiring Appistoki Falls is an easy to moderate hike.
Trailhead: Begin hiking less than a quarter of a mile east of the Two Medicine Ranger Station

  • 1.2 miles roundtrip
  • Easy to moderate hike featuring a 260-foot elevation gain

Aster Park
Trail Overview: Enjoy views of Paradise Point and Rising Wolf Mountain as you cross a creek and picnic at Aster Falls along this easy, popular trail beginning at the South Shore Trailhead at Two Medicine Lake. At the trail’s overlook, check out views of Two Medicine Lake, Never Laughs Mountain, Mount Ellsworth and Mount Henry.
Trailhead: South Shore Trailhead of Two Medicine Lake 

  • Nearly 4 miles roundtrip
  • Easy to moderate, featuring a 670-foot elevation gain

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