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Marias Pass

Marias Pass crosses the Continental Divide at 5,280 feet in the Lewis Range within Glacier National Park, and offers some breathtaking scenery for those who love mountain vistas.

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  • Marias Pass crosses the Continental Divide at 5,280 feet
  • Take US Highway 2 west through Glacier National Park to experience the beauty
  • Don’t forget your camera for some incredible shots
  • Ski Autumn Creek Trail near the Summit


Marias Pass, Montana, is a high mountain pass within Glacier National Park and offering some of the best scenic views in all of the US. Railroad lovers come here to see the trains making their way across the Divide.


Marias Pass is in Glacier National Park. You can reach Marias Pass by taking US Highway 2 west from East Glacier Park Village, Montana.


Although Glacier National Park is accessible all year, in the winter, US Highway 2 and most of the other roads in the park will only be open for snow vehicles.


Marias Pass, MT is something that has to be experienced to be believed.

  • Sightseeing
    Marias Pass is the lowest route through the Rocky Mountains, only a mile above sea level. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get some spectacular views on sunny days. See the Marias Pass obelisk and the statue of John F. Stevens who discovered the potential for a railroad along this pass.
  • Photography
    As Marias Pass climbs through the rugged mountain terrain, you can take some marvelous photos. You’ll thrill to catch the sun shining through the Aspen forests and the river gleaming on its tumbling course.
  • Cross-Country Skiing
    Around the summit of Marias Pass, you will find a popular place for skiers. Try the Autumn Creek trail for the best skiing.

Additional Info

The star engineer of the Great Northern Railway, John Frank Stevens, discovered this pass with the help of a Flathead Indian guide. With a gentle grade, it was the perfect pass for a rail line and many trains make their way over this pass today.