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Going to the Sun Road

Spanning just over 50 miles, Going To The Sun Road snakes its way through some of the most spectacular alpine scenery imagineable, between the east and west entrances of Glacier National Park.

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  • Stretching 52 miles, Going To The Sun Road offers dazzling views of lush alpine scenery amidst dramatic peaks and cliffs.    
  • Going To The Sun Road is one of Glacier's most popular attractions, providing access to various attractions in between West Glacier and St. Mary Lake. 
  • Logan Pass is open mid-June through mid-September.
  • 2-hour journey by car or shuttle.   


Few are prepared for such unparalleled beauty as the Going To The Sun Road bisects some of Montana's most dramatic landscapes, providing an accessible, point-to-point pathway through Glacier National Park. 

** Glacier will be offering an online reservation system for vehicles allowing ticketed entry during peak dates and times for people wishing to travel the Going to the Sun Highway. Details are HERE **


Going To The Sun Road runs through the heart of Glacier. From the west, it begins in West Glacier, skirts Lake MacDonald and ascends toward Logan Pass before crossing the Continental Divide, and descending near St. Mary Lake. 


2 hours travel time by car or shuttle, one-way, not including destination stops, and possible delays due to wildlife, traffic, or construction.

  • Automobile:
    Cannot exceed 21 ft (l)/8 ft (w)
    No gas available on Going To The Sun Road.
    Scenic pull-outs/picnic areas.
  • Glacier National Park Shuttle:
    Shuttle departing every 15-30 minutes from stops/transit centers. 
    Services from July 1 - Early September
  • Cycling/Walking
    Limited to restricted areas.


While portions of Going to the Sun Road are open year-round, Logan Pass is only accessible mid-June through mid-September. Check Going to the Sun Road Status.

Activities Along The Way

  • West Glacier: Have a meal or purchase a souvenir in West Glacier Village.
  • Lake MacDonald/St. Mary's Lake: Enjoy various water-related activites, or relax near the lake. Hiking trails, accomodations, and shopping nearby.
  • Logan Pass: Going To The Sun Road's highest point (over 6,600 feet), Logan Pass is not to be missed. Explore the visitor's center and then enjoy one of many hiking trails in the glorious alpine setting.