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Backcountry camping is a wonderful way to experience Waterton Park's sensational wilderness, with 9 different camping locations throughout the park and over 120 miles of hiking trails awaiting your exploration.

  • Wilderness Use Permits are required for backcountry camping and may be picked up at Waterton visitor centre.
  • For reservations, call (403) 859-5140 from April 1 through mid-May; call (403) 859-5133 after mid-May.
  • Be Bear Aware and always carry bear spray!
  • Take the short hike to Bertha Lake campground, located west of Upper Waterton Lake.

Set up camp in Waterton Park’s interior and explore all the glorious nooks and crannies unseen from the road.

Designated Wilderness Camping Areas:


  • Goat Lake: Wake up to a sunrise over the lake. 2.5km/1.8 miles north of Snowshoe Trail.
  • Snowshoe: Located on Snowshoe Trail, with close proximately to Lost Lake.


  • Lone Lake: Situated near Lone Lake and Blakiston Creek. Trail access from Akamina Parkway or Red Rock Parkway.
  • Akamina Pass: Located west of Cameron Lake.


  • Crandell Lake: Camping area on the north side of the lake; less than 1 mile from Akamina Parkway.


  • Alderson Lake: Trail access from Cameron Lake and Waterton Townsite.
  • Bertha Lake: Aproximately 2.5 mile hike west from the western shore of Upper Waterton Lake.
  • Bertha Bay: Located on Upper Waterton Lake.
  • Boundary Bay: Situated on Upper Waterton Lake, at the boundary between Waterton Park and Glacier Park.


Permits: A Wilderness Use Permit is required for backcountry camping. Permits are available at Waterton Townsite visitor center, with pick-up 24 hours in advance of trip.

Reservations: Reservations available and can be made 90 days in advance of trip.

  • For reservations beginning April 1 and running through mid-May, call (403) 859-5140.
  • For reservations after mid-May, call (403) 859 - 5133.

Fees: Children under 16 camp free. (Prices in Canadian Dollars.)

  • Overnight/person $9.80
  • Season/person $68.70
  • Reservation Fee $11.70


  • Pack out what you pack in - Leave No Trace!
  • Camp in designated areas.
  • 6 person maximum party size.
  • Boil/filter water before consuming.
  • Gas stoves required for cooking.
  • Some sites allow fires; check listings before trip.

Be Bear Aware

  • Make noise. (Bears hate surprises!)
  • Carry/know how to use bear spray.
  • Bring rope to hang your food.
  • Eat in designated areas. (Never in your tent!)
  • Avoid hiking/camping alone.
  • Never wash yourself, clothes or cooking utensils in lakes/streams.