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Yellowstone National Park

Glacier is so close to Yellowstone National Park that it’s the perfect opportunity to schedule in a side trip to see Old Faithful and the marvelous thermal features of Yellowstone.

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  • Schedule a side trip from Glacier to see Yellowstone National Park
  • Only six and a half hours away and well worth the trip
  • Private vehicles are $25; individuals on foot or bike are $12
  • See the limestone formations at Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Visit Old Faithful to see its impressive eruption


A Glacier area vacation certainly should include a stop at Yellowstone National Park, where you can explore fascinating geothermal features of our Earth, as well as find plenty of outdoor fun, such as fishing, hiking, boating and more.


Yellowstone is open all year, 24/7, but most of the entrances are closed in November while preparing for the winter season. You can use snow vehicles to access the interior of the park during the winter months. The roads close once again in late March and early April in order to clear them of snow for spring and summer travelers.


Entrance fees are the following:

  • Private vehicle: $25
  • Snowmobile or motorcycle: $20
  • Individuals (16 and older) on foot, bike, skis, etc.: $12
  • Park Annual Pass: $50


Yellowstone National Park
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Phone for visitor information: 307-344-7381 (recorded)


The natural attractions of Yellowstone bring folks from all over the world.

  • Mammoth Hot Springs
    Mammoth Hot Springs are a popular attraction in the north section of the park. Here you’ll see formations of limestone as hot water rushes over the rocks, with the minerals deposited making colorful displays.
  • Norris Geyser Basin
    This is the hottest and oldest of all the thermal areas within Yellowstone. You won’t find many attractions here that are under the boiling point. Fluctuations happen constantly, and you’ll see the basin change on a daily basis.
  • Madison
    Driving to Madison gives you the opportunity to view the many wildlife species that call the park their home. Be sure to stop and see the Artist Paint Pots, Gibbon Falls and Monument Geyser Basin.
  • Old Faithful
    The most famous sight of all in Yellowstone is Old Faithful, erupting on a predicted time schedule throughout the day. There are a number of other geysers in this area, and you will love seeing them all.
  • West Thumb & Grant Village Area
    It’s an incredible experience to see Yellowstone Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in the US, with geothermal features right at the edge and even within the lake itself. Fishing here is great, and you can catch some Pacific Ocean cutthroat.
  • Lake, Bridge Bay & Fishing Bridge Area
    This section of Yellowstone holds many wonders, including the Hayden and Pelican Valleys, where you can catch a glimpse of grizzlies, bison and other wildlife. The Natural Bridge is a short hike from Bridge Bay Campground.
  • The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
    Seeing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is something you can’t miss. You can also view the Upper and Lower Falls, where the breathtaking beauty will inspire and amaze.
  • Tower-Roosevelt Area
    Be sure to stop by and see the Petrified Tree, an ancient redwood, and tour Specimen Ridge to see the largest concentration of petrified trees in the world. Tower Fall is also a popular attraction, with its 132-foot cascading waters.

Getting Here

To get to Glacier National Park from Yellowstone is relatively easy. Directions are from Yellowstone's West Entrance at West Yellowstone, Montana:

191 for 8 miles to junction at Hebgen Lake
Left on US 287 for 98 miles
Left on MT 2 for 12 miles
Left onto I-90 West for 145 miles
Take exit 109 and get on MT 200 for 33 miles
Left on MT 83 for 91 miles
Right on MT 35 for 11.5 miles
Right on MT 206 for 9 miles
Right on US 2 East for 15 miles
Arrive West Glacier, Montana

The drive is a scenic 6 hours and 33 minutes.

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