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Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint, Idaho is surrounded by state and national forests located in the Selkirk, Cabinet and Bitterroot mountain ranges. It offers a number of activities for tourists and residents. Read More

Horseback Riding
In Sandpoint there are several excellent trails available for horseback riding. Several vacation outfits equipped for riding are available to help you out, as well as ranches that provide accommodation and access to the great outdoors.

Lake Boating, Sailing And Cruises
Sandpoint has gorgeous boats ready for both cruises and tours. In fact, the best way to view Lake Pend Oreille (a 43-mile long lake with a huge 111 mile shoreline) is to experience it from a cruise.

Sandpoint is a railroading town - one of the best in the west. This is where the Burlington Northern, Montana Rail Link and Spokane International rail systems meet to create what is referred to as "The Funnel." Along these rails more than 40 trains travel through per day.

Round Lake State Park
This state park is located about 10 miles south of Sandpoint, and stays open all year for camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and more. In the winter, it's a premier recreation area offering ice fishing, skating, sledding, cross-country skiing, and warm bonfires on the weekends.

Walking Excursions
Travel along the Pedestrian Long Bridge for that perfect walk, or bike ride toward the bridge from the bike path on the south edge of the city. Here you'll find amazing views of the lake and the Selkirk Mountains. Or head over to Travers Park on West Pine Street, and City Beach downtown, where the bike paths are open for walking and bicycling.

Whatever you fancy, you should be able to find it here in Sandpoint, Idaho. The natural beauty of the area combined with the great summer and winter activities make this place a haven for nature lovers the world over.