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Lake Pend Oreille

From an overhead view, Lake Pend Oreille is shaped like an ear. You can't discern its shape when you're enjoying the water though, as it's too large to see more than water, sky, and mountains going on for miles. Read More

Lake Pend Oreille is a massive lake. So how big is it? It stretches 43-miles, which is almost as long as Lake Ontario. At its greatest width, Lake Pend Oreille spans over six miles. And it is deeper than all but five lakes in the country.

Big Shoreline
If you want to enjoy the lakeshore in a kayak, expect to make about 118,539 strokes with an oar to travel the 111 miles of available shoreline. If you have the time, there are many locations on the lake that can be reached by car, bike, foot, or boat.

In ancient times Lake Pend Oreille was actually part of a huge inland sea called Lake Missoula (formed by an ice dam created by huge glaciers). When visitors come to Lake Pend Oreille they are immediately amazed by its rough beauty and the sheer size of the lake. There are three major mountain ranges surrounding Lake Pend Oreille: the Selkirks to the north, Coeur d'Alenes to the south, and Cabinets to the east.