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Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia is located on the warmer side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and has been deemed the best mountain getaway village in the country. Read More

Radium Hot Springs are a mere 3-hour drive from Calgary, Alberta. Located next to Kootenay National Park, the village has a lot to offer the visitor.

Radium Hot Springs is popular because it has stayed away from becoming too commercial and has kept most of its original charm. The residents are very kind and the atmosphere of the town is simple, relaxed and cosy. During the summer everything comes alive with color, and flowers can be seen everywhere. Green covers the mountainsides and makes the area's golf courses some of the best in the province. Lake Windermere offers nice beaches and shores just minutes away from the town.

The story of Radium Hot Springs goes way back. The powerful forces of nature crafted an area rich in geologic history. First, the earth's crust cracked along a faultline going down two kilometers. The shatter zone created here allowed groundwater to move down into the earth's core where it was heated, pressurized, and returned to the surface.

The hot springs water is 44°C (114°F) at the source. Before it enters the pool it is filtered and chlorinated at 39°C (103°F). The cool pool temperature is 29°C (84°F).

Radium Hot Springs is Canada's largest hot springs pool. It has a shallow lounging area, is set amidst a breathtaking mountain setting, and a sheer rock wall rises above the pool for added effect. Plus, there is a large amount of wildlife calling this place home, and the facilities offer large change and shower facilities.

Have a massage or reflexology treatment after soaking in the springs, and enjoy the new spa. Sip on a cappuccino in the restaurant café, and sit on the patio in the summer. Or take a hike on one of the wilderness walking trails in Redstreak Campground.

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