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Bonners Ferry Idaho

Just three hours from Glacier National Park, North Idaho’s scenic town of Bonners Ferry is situated on the beautiful Kootenai River, with many sights and activities for the vacationer. Read More

  • Visit the scenic town of Bonners Ferry on the beautiful Kootenai River
  • Only about 3 hours from Glacier National Park
  • Find a wide array of dining and lodging options in Bonners Ferry
  • See black bears, moose, deer and elk
  • Go fly-fishing or whitewater rafting nearby


Bonners Ferry, Idaho proves ideal for the visitor seeking a solid mix of history, culture, adventure and some of the greatest sights North America has to offer.


Bonners Ferry, Idaho is located in Idaho’s panhandle, on US Highway 2, west of Glacier National Park.


You’ll find Bonner Ferry will provide you with dining options certain to satisfy your hunger. From delicious western cuisines to yummy pizza or grilled burgers, you can sit down to some delicious meals.

Accommodations offer a wide selection, with additional treats such as handcrafted furniture, county décor and hot tubs. Choose a beautiful inn with views, a ranch resort or a comfortable Bed & Breakfast. In and around Bonner Ferry you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Outdoor pursuits of all kinds can be found in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

  • Hiking
    The mountains surrounding Bonners Ferry have numerous wooded trails that give you an exciting adventure searching for wildlife, or just enjoying the scenery.
  • Fishing
    There are a number of lakes and rivers close by where fly-fishing is wonderful for leisurely summer fun.
  • Whitewater rafting
    On the nearby Moyie River, you’ll discover some Class II and III rapids so you can put some real adventure into your stay.
  • Wildlife Watching
    Keep your eyes peeled for the many types of wildlife around this region, such as black bears, moose, deer and elk. Bird lovers thrill to spotting some tundra swans, bald eagles and osprey.
  • Winter Activities
    In the winter, cross-country skiers can find a variety of interesting routes through the backcountry. Groomed trails give you access to the snowy landscapes by snowmobile.


  • Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge
    Wildlife enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, with over 230 species of birds and 45 species of mammals. These 2,774 acres holds a multitude of life, and you can enjoy it all from your car on a 4.5-mile automobile tour.
  • Elk Mountain Farms
    This enterprise grows hops for Anheuser-Busch north of Bonners Ferry. It’s a real experience touring this facility.
  • Moyie River Overlook and Bridge
    A very short drive east of Moyie Springs on Highway 2, you get some spectacular views of the Moyie River and Dam from one of the highest bridges in Idaho.
  • McArthur Wildlife Management Area
    If you love to see waterfowl, bald eagles and moose, just travel 15 miles south of Bonners Ferry on Highway 95.
  • Waterfalls
    Surrounding Bonners Ferry are a number of waterfalls. Some are reached by easy hikes. Be sure to see Copper Falls, Smith Creek Falls and Myrtle Creek Falls.
  • Scenic Roads
    Venture onto the scenic roads in this county where you’ll see the breathtaking vistas of the Kootenai River Valley. Some of the roads have picnic grounds where you can stop and have a meal while marveling at the surroundings.

Getting Here

To get to Glacier National Park from Bonners Ferry, take US Highway 2 and go 141 miles to MT 35. Go only 5.7 miles to get onto MT 206 back to US Highway 2 East directly to the park. This drive is about 3 hours.