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Lethbridge, Alberta is a warm and sunny city in Canada with a population of 77,202. Lethbridge is well-known for its parks and recreational facilities; the community is also very friendly and full of spirit.

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The citizens of Lethbridge, Alberta are most proud of the beautiful parks they have in their community. If you enjoy the great outdoors, or just want to get away from it all with your family to enjoy a stroll or a picnic, this is the perfect destination for you. The parks in this town are not to be missed.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens
These gardens were built in 1967 as a centennial project. An authentic Japanese garden, this park is a symbol of the Japanese-Canadian friendship present in the town. The garden is a peaceful retreat where five traditional garden styles link together by a winding path. Many events take place in the gardens, including cultural events, gardening and pruning lessons, art exhibits, and other activities the whole family can enjoy.

Of course, if you love to walk this is the best place to visit.

A Walk in Wilderness Encounter
Alexander Wilderness Park is a 42-hectare floodplain that serves as a peaceful nature reserve. It's covered on one side by coulee cliffs and sheltered on three sides by the Oldman River. You can only access the park via a 2.5 kilometer walking trail that leads through the coulees from the lower parking lot. Along the trail are stands of cottonwoods and young saplings in the valley, saskatoons, chokecherries, and buffaloberry bushes.

The park is a safe haven for a variety of wildlife that make their homes in the coulees, the brush, and the edge of the water. The park is also the perfect place to see feeding pelicans in spring and summer.

Lethbridge has other attractions as well, such as the Bowman Arts Center, Fort Whoop-up Interpretive Center, Golf Courses, the Alberta International Airshow, and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

Lethbridge country airport is located near many of the area's attractions, so getting there is quite easy. There are many lodging choices, from hotels and motels to campgrounds and rentals.