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Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park was created in 1920, and is one of 41 national parks in Canada. It makes up part of the south-western region of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The park offers a great diversity of natural features, including icy peaks and semi-arid grasslands. Read More

Kootenay National Park covers about 350,000 acres of land, offering visitors a wide range of experiences. This land is full of stark contrasts, from the high summits and hanging glaciers to the narrow chasms and colorful mineral pools.

Kootenay National Park is located on the west side of the Continental Divide, extending across the Vermilion and Kootenay River valleys and touching the Rocky Mountain Trench at Radium Hot Springs. It also reaches across the Main and Western Ranges of the Rockies. Some of the peaks reach an astonishing 11,000 feet.

Kootenay National Park is open all year long. The western entrance to the park is in British Columbia at the junction of Highways 93 and 95. Simply head to the town of Radium Hot Springs. Radium Hot Springs is situated 64.5 miles south of Golden and 88.5 miles north of Cranbrook. You'll find the park's eastern entrance located at Vermilion Pass in Alberta.