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Fairmont Hot Springs BC

When visiting Glacier National Park, you simply can’t miss a side trip to Fairmont Hot Springs BC, Canada, right in the beautiful Rockies and a haven of outdoor fun. Read More

  • Take a side trip to Fairmont Hot Springs BC, Canada when visiting Glacier National Park
  • Only a 3 hour and 45 minute drive from Glacier
  • Try some fly-fishing at Whiteswan Lake
  • Be sure not to miss a dip in the mineral hot springs
  • Plenty of campsites to accommodate you


Fairmont Hot Springs, located in the Canadian Rockies, is a vacation destination for anyone who wants to create some adventure in their trip. Fairmont boasts outdoor odorless hot pools, fishing, hiking and much more amidst some of the most gorgeous scenery, for the ultimate Glacier region vacation.


Fairmont Hot Springs lies in the Province of British Columbia, between Canal Flats and Windermere on Highway 93.


It won’t take much searching to find the perfect spot for romantic dining, or the ideal place to take the family. You’ll discover the delicious tastes of fine dining in Fairmont Hot Springs. Fast food is available too, for those in a hurry to get out into the wilderness.

A wide variety of accommodations are available to the traveler. Find cozy cottages or rustic cabins. Stay in luxurious resort lodging. A quaint Bed & Breakfast may be just the thing. Whatever you desire you’ll find in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC.


With long and pleasant summers, you will find an endless choice of activities. Winters are full of adventure, too, with plenty of white powder.

  • Horseback riding
    Riding through the Columbia River Valley on a horse provides some great adventure to outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Hiking
    All through Columbia River Valley, you’ll find a large trail system that gets you out into that Rocky Mountain wilderness, bringing you close to Mother Nature. Explore the waterfalls, rugged landscapes and mountain summits.
  • Boating
    Launch your canoe or kayak into the Columbia River and take a multi-day trip along the river and watch the wildlife watching you from the shore.
  • Fishing
    There are many places to fish where there are large fish populations. Try Whiteswan, Alces or Windermere Lakes. Find some large rainbow trout.
  • Swimming
    At James Chabot Provincial Park, enjoy the broad sandy beach on Windermere Lake.
  • Golfing
    Choose any one of the several championship golf courses so you can work to improve your game.
  • Camping
    Whether tent camping or traveling with your RV, you’ll find campsites to accommodate you.
  • Winter Sports
    Wintertime provides the white landscapes and mild temperatures that make skiing and snowboarding here the best. The frozen lakes are great for skating, ice boating and ice fishing.


  • Hot Springs
    The most popular attraction is the mineral hot springs. These therapeutic springs attract visitors from all over, to feel the soothing hot water and enjoy the stunning views at the same time.

Getting Here

Starting in Fairmont Hot Springs, you can easily reach Glacier National Park. Get on Highway 93 (which runs through town) and follow that as it turns into US 93. Another 60 miles and you jog over to Montana Highway 40. Continue on US 2 right to the park. It’s about a 3 hour and 45 minute drive or 204 miles.