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Browning Montana

Browning, Montana is a must-see on any vacation to Glacier National Park, so you can get a real flavor of all the American and Native American history of the area. Read More

  • Browning, Montana is a must-see on any vacation to Glacier National Park
  • Only a 15-minute drive to Glacier Park
  • Nearby hike the Otokomi Lake Trail or the Beaver Pond Trail
  • Catch some huge rainbow trout in Duck Lake
  • Visit the Blackfeet Heritage Center for a history lesson


Browning, MT is just a few minutes east of Glacier National Park on the Blackfoot Reservation and is filled with sights and attractions you simply can’t miss.


Browning is on the eastern side of Glacier Park, at the junction of US Highways 2 and 89.


Food seems to taste better in Browning, and perhaps that’s because you are up north in Montana where the cooking is extraordinary. You’ll find a wide variety of taste treats, including pizza, sandwiches and subs, fast food and American, Mexican or Chinese dining.

There are a few accommodations to choose from in Browning. Perhaps the most unusual is staying in a tipi styled after a Bed & Breakfast. It’s like camping. You’ll also find traditional motels and lodges.


  • Hiking
    A wide variety of trails are available for hiking near Browning, including a .6-mile trail called Running Eagle Falls, a 14-mile trail called Triple Divide pass and others. Perhaps you’d prefer to try Otokomi Lake Trail and hike 10 miles, or the 3.4-mile Beaver Pond Trail. There is no lack of paths through this marvelous region.
  • Fishing
    With many lakes and miles of fishing streams, you will have an almost endless number of places to throw in a line. Try Duck Lake for catching some large rainbows (sometimes over 10 pounds). Fish the Katoya or Morning Star Lakes or fish Atlantic or Lake Creek for brook, bull or rainbow trout or even mountain whitefish.
  • Camping
    If you like to sleep out in the open, under the stars, and enjoy the morning views of the Rockies, camping around Browning, Montana is the thing to do. There are a number of campgrounds to accommodate you. They are all close to many attractions.
  • Winter Sports
    Of course, winter in Montana offers plenty of snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice fishing.


  • The Blackfeet Heritage Center
    Tour an authentic cultural center and art gallery at the Blackfeet Heritage Center & Art Gallery. Get a new understanding of the first people to live in Montana, and see the rich heritage of the Blackfoot Nation.
  • Museum of the Plains Indian
    The whole family will enjoy the contemporary Native American arts displayed in this museum.
  • Ulm Pishkun State Park
    A unique place to visit, Ulm Pishkun State Park is the location of one of the largest buffalo jump sites in the world. Scores of bison were driven over these cliffs and slaughtered.
  • Glacier National Park
    Of course, you’ll be visiting Glacier National Park while in Browning, to see the glaciers, crystal clear lakes, alpine meadows and amazing landscapes.

Getting Here

To get to Glacier from Browning, MT is only a 15-minute drive, following US Highway 2 right to East Glacier, Montana, gateway to the park.