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Motorcycle Rental & Tours

Taking a motorcycle tour in the Glacier area is known for its pristine beauty and you’ll be completely stunned by the unbelievable scenery, quiet serenity and fresh, clean air.

  • Enjoy the incredible scenery, quiet serenity and fresh, clean air of Glacier and surrounding areas on a motorcycle tour
  • Ride the Going to the Sun Road to really experience Glacier National Park
  • See the beautiful mountain ranges around Flathead Valley
  • Hire a guide for the best motorcycle tour ever


Riding on a motorcycle through Glacier National Park and surrounding areas in northwestern Montana is breathtaking with the alpine scenery, sheer granite walls of the surrounding mountains and the shimmering lakes and waterfalls.

Where to Go on a Motorcycle Tour

Glacier National Park
The most awe-inspiring motorcycle tour is riding through Glacier National Park on the Going to the Sun Road. Probably the best time is from late June to July, when you’ll see wildflowers blooming all around. There are numerous places to stop to enjoy various activities, such as boat tours, hiking, camping and wildlife watching. The views, of course, are magnificent.

Waterton Lakes National Park
Across the Canadian border, Waterton Lakes National Park is another place that boasts wonderful roads with spectacular views.

Flathead Valley
This scenic valley in northwestern Montana is surrounded by mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks. Ride through thick pine forests, with plenty of spots to pull off the road and enjoy the natural environment. Riding up from Missoula past Flathead Lake is approximately 228 miles. Around the east side of Flathead Lake you’ll have to stop at one of the stands to get some fresh cherries. Use Highways 93, 83 and take Highway 35 to West Glacier.


If you haven’t brought your own motorcycle, you can always rent one. The best place to find rentals is in Missoula, Montana. Prices vary widely depending on what kind of bike you choose and how long you’ll have it.

Hire a Guide

Perhaps the most thrilling way to tour on a motorcycle vacation is with a tour guide, taking planned-out routes in and around the Glacier region. Going with a guide provides their knowledge of the area, and can be extremely rewarding and fun. Take a tour of 3 to 5 days or more, touring Glacier Park and nearby forests, Flathead Valley into Canada or a combined tour of Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. You can get an itinerary created that will fit any desires. Explore all your options by checking out the listings on this page.

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