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Hunting / Outfitters

Some of the best hunting opportunities exist within the Glacier region, with plenty of outfitters ready to help you make the best of your hunting adventure in the backcountry. Read More

Providers These companies can get you there

Spotted Bear Ranch

A truly unique wilderness experience. Our guest ranch & lodge accesses the Bob Marshall wilderness for fishing and hunting trips.

Blackfeet Outfitters - guided big game hunts

Professionally guided hunts into our national forest-based hunting camps just east of Glacier Park (rifle or archery) for spring bear, elk, moose, deer, antelope & sheep/goats

Montana Safaris

All inclusive, fully guided hunts in Bob Marshall Wilderness. Fly fishing and horseback adventures in Montana!

Northern Rockies Outfitter

Premier guide to Montana's best big game backcountry and camps. Hunt for mule deer, elk, bear and antelope in our public/private areas and ranch locations.

  • Big game is plentiful within the Glacier region
  • Don’t forget a hunting license for the game you’ll be going after
  • Hunt the Great Bear or Bob Marshall Wilderness for elk, deer and bear
  • Take a weeklong hunting trip into the Flathead National Forest area


Hunting in northwestern Montana is like no other place in the United States, offering such a wide array of big game. The season for archery starts on the first Saturday in September to the Sunday before elk season opens. Elk season is from the end of October for 37 days until the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Where to Go Hunting

Although hunting isn’t permitted in Glacier National Park, you’ll find an abundance of areas to go close to the park where you can find bear, elk, whitetail and mule deer and much more.

Flathead Range:
If hunting the Flathead Range, try around the Hungry Horse Reservoir and the South Fork Flathead River drainage. The western side of the Swan Crest Mountains shows promise too, for some great hunting.

Flathead National Forest:
You can find some good hunting in both Flathead National Forest and the Kootenai National Forest.

Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wildernesses:
Within Flathead, there are a number of wilderness areas, such as the Great Bear Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness, covering over a million acres of prime hunting ground, with more than 2,000 miles of trails. You’ll find elk, deer and bear. You can get permits through the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


Northwestern Montana is broken down into districts, and to hunt elk you will need to apply for an elk license within that district in which you’ll be hunting. It costs around $593 for a non-resident elk license. You can check the website of the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for the prices of various hunting licenses.

Hire a Guide

There are a number of outfitters in the Glacier area that offer hunting trips into the backcountry. You can travel by horseback or hike, bring your own food or get a full-serviced trip with meals and supplies. Take a weeklong trip into the wilderness with a guide to experience the best in northwestern Montana hunting. Discover all the adventure that awaits you by browsing the listings on this page.

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